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For Doctors Only

Customized Wealth Management for Doctors and Medical Professionals


As a doctor you probably already have one or several financial advisors who counsel you on specific components of your financial health – investments, insurance, taxes, and the like. The Greenbook program, however, takes all of these critical areas into consideration when designing an integrated plan to guide you to financial independence. What’s more, we design our financial programs exclusively for doctors, taking into account your specific personal and practice circumstances, to build plans that are best suited for you. Why is our focus on doctors an advantage over advisors who service other high-net-worth individuals?

Because we understand the compressed nature of your earnings cycle, taking into account a late start due to your education and perhaps residency. We know that you have little time to devote to financial planning and that an army of individual consultants who each focus on a single area of expertise overloads your busy schedule. We understand that there are people who make their living targeting doctors with frivoloius claims, and that protecting your income, savings, and assets is critical to your success. And, finally, we know that your unique earnings and savings patterns set you apart from the vast majority of the population, and that most investment advice in the mass media doesn’t apply to you.

We look forward to working with you to deliver a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to you and your practice. For more information or to attend our next workshop please contact