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An Intergenerational Focus

InterGen Advisors is appropriately named for a very good reason. As a third-generation, family-owned company, we look forward to being your advisor and partner through all phases of your life. Our highly flexible, team-oriented mission helps you meet your financial goals, whether you’re just starting your career, are contemplating retirement, or have left the workforce and are planning your legacy. When you work with InterGen you can be confident in reaching your objectives. Rest assured that our exceptional planning abilities, effective execution, and consistent communication efforts will help build -- and maintain -- the foundation you need to pursue the goals you desire.

A Flexible Approach

A Flexible Approach

Our initial work with you results in a unique, one-of-a-kind financial strategy, versus a cookie-cutter approach. We also understand that the only constant in life is change. Because of this, the strategy we help you develop is highly adaptable, to account for market shifts, as well as shifts in your personal and professional life. The result? A highly powerful plan, one that accommodates the unexpected while keeping you on track.

Ongoing Communication

Ongoing Communication

Most financial planners contact their clients once a quarter. We don’t think that’s nearly enough. We dedicate ourselves to developing a close relationship with you; our goal is to be an integral part of your life. So expect to hear from us often. We’ll reach out to answer any questions. Or to tell you about a market trend. Or just to say hello. Frequent outreach and consistent communications leads to confident financial planning and ideal results.

Our Investment Process

To help you attain your investment goals, our efforts focus on reducing portfolio volatility and risk. The following process helps ensure we succeed with developing the best strategy that encompasses diversification and your own tolerance to risk.

Manager Selection

At InterGen, we’re proud to field a team that offers a variety of skills and experience.
As such, the active manager who takes charge of your portfolio understands your investment appetite and risk tolerance. That manager’s job is to ensure that decisions made and actions taken fit with the outcomes you want.

Manager Optimization

Putting the right manager in place is only part of the equation. We also implement portfolio diversification strategies through the use of a range of assets. As a result, you can be confident that the right assets and asset classes are in play to balance and rebalance your holdings.

Ongoing Review

Our ongoing process means we frequently review two things. First, your portfolio performance. And second, your active manager. Depending on results, we tweak your strategy. This means you can rest assured that everything remains on track.

Plans for Healthcare Practitioners

Plans for Healthcare Practitioners

As a healthcare practitioner, your life is dedicated to helping others. We’re proud to help you as you heal your patients. Our years of experience with the healthcare community means we can help you develop the ideal financial solutions for your goals, while you’re practicing and after you retire. Rest assured that our knowledgeable and experience helps support your financial health, even as you support the health of your patients.

Is Your Portfolio Built for Today's Turbulent Market?

Our first priority is assisting you and offering guidance on whatever financial circumstances you find yourself in. Our knowledgeable team has years of combined experience in the financial world and have all seen many different market conditions. To check if your portfolio is built-well for today's market, contact us today! 

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Our extensive experience combines with proven products and strategies to create a versatile plan that meets your needs, while caring for your loved ones and future generations.

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Our philosophy is that of responsiveness and flexibility in all aspects of financial planning. This gives you confidene in the financial foundation we help you build.

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