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At InterGen we combine our extensive experience with proven products and strategies. This results in a versatile plan that supports your unique needs while caring for your loved ones and future generations.

Financial Planning

A solid financial planning strategy allows you to understand your earnings and expenditures. It also aids in developing an effective roadmap that considers the unexpected. Our experienced and responsive team stands ready to help you review your personal financial situation. This process helps identify, clarify and prioritize your requirements while understanding what additional resources you might need. We then develop a personalized plan to aid you in achieving your short- and long-term goals.

Wealth Management

Wealth management means developing a comprehensive strategy to help you save and grow your money. But no two wealth management strategies are alike. At InterGen, our approach to wealth management examines your investment appetite, requirements, and risk tolerance. Following that, we help you create a plan to embrace disciplined money management and tax efficiency. The result is a strategy that helps you increase and protect your wealth for your current requirements and following generations.

Retirement Planning

No matter where you are with your career, it’s never too soon -- or too late -- to start retirement planning. People are living longer. Our goal is to make sure that you have the resources to support the retirement you envision. To that end, we’ll work with you to determine how your Social Security, employer-qualified plans, and personal savings will help fund your retirement years. We’ll also suggest and implement additional strategies to help support your post-work lifestyle. And if you’ve already retired, we’ll help ensure that your financial resources are sufficient to care for your needs and wants.

Estate and Legacy Planning

One of our main focuses at InterGen is an intergenerational success. Specifically, we’re here to help you build a legacy to benefit future generations. This involves careful consideration and attention to your current holdings, as well as determining your beneficiaries and distributions. The process also means addressing wealth protection and growth. Our InterGen team is also willing to work with your family attorney and tax advisor to help ensure that your wealth and assets are distributed to the beneficiaries and trusts you require.

College and Education Planning

Higher education has become more expensive over the last several decades. Because of this, supporting your children or grandchildren through college requires a careful savings plan. You can count on our expert team to help you reach the goals necessary to help fund your next generation’s college or university education. Whether you’re considering a 529 savings plan, custodial account, or other savings method, we are ready to help you find the strongest solutions to support your children’s or grandchildren’s educational journey.

Insurance and Protection

No one wants to consider a worst-case scenario. But it can happen. As such, it’s important that your assets and loved ones are protected against life’s unexpected turns. Insurance products help transfer the risk of unexpected events elsewhere, keeping your financial resources, valuable assets, and family safe. Our staff at InterGen can help you find the appropriate products and services for your situation, whether the focus is on disability income, long-term care or support of those you care about when you’re no longer around.

Tax Strategies

One important aspect of financial planning involves tax efficiency. The goal here is to help reduce your payment burden when tax time comes around. We’re here to provide suggestions on how you can keep more of the income you’re earning. We’re happy to work with you on tax-efficient investment strategies, as well as accounts and plans that can help defer taxes. Our staff can also work with you on charitable contributions and “gifting” some of your income to future generations. All of this and more can help reduce what you owe to the IRS.

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